7 Ways to Control Emotions When Dealing with a Stubborn Wife

Ways to Control Emotions When Dealing with a Stubborn Wife. - Family life can not be separated from the name of the problem. The problem faced is not only one, there may be many ranging from economic factors, lack of communication, selfishness, stubbornness and so on. Husbands who face a stubborn wife tend to find it difficult to contain anger. So how can husbands control their emotions when facing a stubborn wife?

Especially for couples who are just starting a married life, maybe you have just found out the true nature of your partner. It is not impossible that when you were dating, you have not met or faced the nature of this one partner. So that when entering a marriage, there are various factors that make husband and wife fight.

Right now, is your wife very annoying? No matter how annoyed you are with his behavior, always remember not to yell at your wife or even play hands. The consequences can be fatal and threaten the harmony of your household.

In order not to further aggravate the situation, please refer to the ways and tips for controlling emotions when dealing with a stubborn wife.

7 Ways to Control Emotions When Dealing with a Stubborn Wife

Ways to Control Emotions When Dealing with a Stubborn Wife

1. Calm your emotions

The first step to dealing with a stubborn wife is to temper your emotions. It could be that this stubbornness arises because the wife is emotional. Therefore, you should wait until the emotions subside and then find the right time and a comfortable atmosphere to be able to talk about the problem again. Well, while waiting for this you can try to regulate your emotions so you don't get provoked.

Did you know that people who are stubborn and angry are usually building a defense so they don't get attacked by the opposing party. If you continue to fight and don't want to give in, the result is not even better but the fortress will not collapse and become more stubborn.

2. Know the cause

The next thing to do is try to find out what causes the wife to be stubborn. Try to ponder some questions like when did he start to be stubborn? Or what caused him to start acting like that?

It is true that selfish and angry can be an innate character because of the family environment, character problems adapting to a new environment, or because unconsciously, there is an attitude from the husband that is not pleasing to the wife's heart that makes her angry and stubborn

3. Face it Wisely

As we mentioned a little at the beginning of the discussion that giving in is one of the right solutions to deal with his wife's stubbornness. There are times when bad traits such as stubbornness and selfishness can arise because the situation is not good. The result is emotionally unstable and less mature thinking.

If that happens, try to be wise by not resisting but also not letting it happen. You can observe when the wife's emotions begin to decline and come back to be able to think more clearly. That's when you can control the atmosphere in a positive direction.

4. Talk about it well

As we know, communication is one of the keys to success in a relationship. Without good communication between family members, the family will certainly not be harmonious and unhappy. Therefore, after knowing a good situation to talk about, try to communicate the problem well both face-to-face.

If there is no communication and only suppressed the results can lead to misunderstandings. Chat should be relaxed and comfortable to express the heart. Do not use words that can offend. Choose words that are good and can be reassuring, show affection through your words to provide honest solutions.

5. Avoid using high voices

The tone of voice can also affect a person's feelings. The tone we use when we speak can show our emotions. If your tone of voice is high, this indicates anger and disrespect towards your partner. Try to set the pitch of your voice to be softer and more soulful to arouse your partner's feelings, especially if the message is advice.

6. Avoid interrupting the conversation

When communicating, you may want to interrupt or can't wait to share your opinion. However, in this case, the first thing you need to do is listen carefully to your wife first when talking. Let the wife express everything that is bothering her, don't try to cut her off or even change the subject.

7. Apologize and show a smile

Apologizing is one of the words that can improve a relationship and reduce stressful situations, including husband and wife relationships. Don't hesitate or be embarrassed to just say sorry even if it's not entirely your fault. Show that you understand his feelings by smiling.

More importantly, apologizing can be helpful in bringing your wife's stubbornness back down and stabilizing. There is also a possibility, the smile that the husband gives will help the wife to control her attitude because she feels a little embarrassed.

The description above is complete information that discusses some practical ways to control emotions when dealing with a stubborn wife. This is an effective solution that can be applied according to the situation and circumstances. Want to know more unique and interesting news? More on many-news.me

The husband as the head of the household should be able to hold and control his emotions well when he is facing certain problems with family members, especially his wife. Now many husbands are impatient and end up with domestic violence, but a good husband is a husband who always has a positive outlook and takes care of his partner no matter what the situation. May be useful.