Check out Tips for Buying Land Plots that are Good and Correct Must know

Check out Tips for Buying Land Plots that are Good and Correct Must know. - Want to buy a plot of land? But worried about taking the wrong step. Yes, lots of plots of land have been spread everywhere, so it's actually not difficult to make a purchase in the form of plots of land. However, buying land is definitely not something that can be done arbitrarily. You need to know tips and tricks that are good and right in buying a plot of land that is safe and must be known.

What made you interested in buying a plot of land? Most people choose to buy a plot of land because of its strategic location and the opportunity if it is developed to have a fairly large value. According to his understanding, land itself is included in property assets that are very attractive to own.

Every year the price of land often increases, however the maintenance costs for the plots of land themselves are relatively easier when compared to properties in the form of buildings or building houses. Are you looking for a plot of land property but don't know how?

Don't worry, as follows, we will discuss a series of tips for buying a plot of land that is safe and free from fraud. Let's see.

Check out Tips for Buying Land Plots that are Good and Correct Must know

Check out Tips for Buying Land Plots that are Good and Correct Must know

1. Pay close attention to the soil conditions

The first thing you need to do before intending to buy a plot of land is to pay attention and make sure that the condition of the plot of land is in good condition first. This is an important step to check the contour and type of soil, this will also be related to the prospect of the plot of land in the future.

Before buying, try to ponder some questions such as whether the location will remain strategic in the next few years? Both in terms of infrastructure and other property projects. You can adjust the contour, type of soil to future prospects with your goal of buying the plot of land.

2. Check the land certificate carefully

Checking land certificates is very important and the main thing in purchasing land plots, both past and present. The completeness of the land certificate is evidence that must exist, including the name of the owner that shows its validity. If the letter already has a certificate, then try to check carefully before accepting that the certificate has changed hands.

If not, then you can request a Land Registration Certificate at the local Kelurahan Office. Preparation of this document is very important to avoid unwanted things in the future due to unfinished business letters. Do your research before buying so you can be sure it's safe.

3. Check the validity of the document

Still related to the documents and land parcels, apart from checking the land certificate carefully, you also need to check the validity of the document. How to? You can use the services of PPAT to do the inspection. The PPAT party itself will check the authenticity of the land certificate to the National Land Agency.

By checking the validity of the documents through PPAT, it is possible for you to know the status of the land in detail whether there is a dispute or not on the plot of land you are interested in. so you can know thoroughly about the plot of land you want to own.

4. The process of the sale and purchase agreement

Furthermore, after doing all the preparations that we have discussed in the previous point and there are no problems both in terms of location, type of land and various supporting documents, you can go directly to the next step, which is to process the sale and purchase agreement. Here you take care of making a letter called AJB or a Sale and Purchase Agreement by PPAT.

In general, making AJB letters requires several conditions that must be met, some of which are PBB or Land and Building Taxes, land certificates, transfer of names to land certificates and also IMB or Building Permits.

5. Submission of Files to BPN

The last step that must be done is submitting the files to the BPN. This is the stage carried out to take care of the transfer of the certificate which is the responsibility of the PPAT. Meanwhile, the length of time required to submit the AJB file is no later than seven days after signing. And generally after two weeks of processing, the buyer can get a certificate of transfer of name with a new name.

The description above is complete information that discusses ways and tips for buying safe plots of land that you should know before making a decision. By knowing these important steps, you will avoid the negative impacts of not knowing the procedures for buying and selling land or property. More complete information regarding properties for sale or for rent is available on

If you have got a suitable plot of land, decide immediately by applying the tips above. Because the longer the price of land can continue to increase. You can make the plot of land as a place to build your dream house or as an investment land. This also applies to other types of properties you may be interested in. May be useful.