How Do You Make Any Money From Podcasting?

How Do You Make Any Money From Podcasting?. - Every once in a while someone will ask me a question where I have to shake my head and wonder if they've been listening. But then I sit back and try to understand where they are coming from. And of course, I realize that from their point of view it really isn't a dumb question. They're just trying to make sense of a connection that isn't obvious because it really isn't there.

Making money from podcasting is one of those topics.

You see at first glance, you can't make any money from podcasting. And no internet marketer worth his or her keyboard is going to want to do something that doesn't make money. So why do they bother?

How Do You Make Any Money From Podcasting?

It's true you can't make money from podcasting -- at least not directly.

Now let's start this discussion by getting organized. I'm going to explain the basic concept behind making money from podcasting. Then I'm going to give you some hints for making money directly -- well sort of. Then I'm going to suggest some indirect methods.

First off, podcasting is like article marketing. It isn't expected to make money for you. If you go into it expecting to make money you are going to be disappointed. What it does however -- and does well -- is gain you traffic and/or opt-ins. And traffic (and opt-ins) can be the source of money.

So how can I make money from podcasts directly?

Well, first off there's the obvious technique of creating a subscription service around a series of podcasts. Think continuity program and newsletters. Of course, once you've made that mental leap, it's only a short jump to creating a CD or digital product from a number of podcasts.

Third is to turn your expertise in podcasting to use by doing them for others. In other words become an outsourcer either for packaging and editing or for producing or writing.

Finally you can use your podcasts as a medium for advertising. You can sell advertising around (on the webpage) and within the podcast.

However, in many ways, the indirect methods have more potential than the direct methods.

For example you can turn your skill in podcasting into a course and teach people how to make podcasts. (I wonder why this came to mind first?)

But where podcasting really shines is when you give it away. Yup, just give it away. That's where you'll make the most money from podcasting.

Okay are the brakes fully on? Screeching has stopped? Let me explain. Podcasts are well received and can build a faithful following. They are also much easier to create than an eBook. So they make perfect giveaways for an opt-in page. Of course, you follow up the opt-in with an email campaign. Between both the podcast and the emails establishing your reputation you should be able to sell some of your products.

And even if you don't try to get people to exchange their emails for your podcasts, you will find that podcasts work like article marketing. When done well, they drive qualified traffic to your site. Which is the first step to making money with a website.